Wednesday, June 29, 2011




 I woke up this about 7 am for my Hubby's goodbye kiss and I could not go back to sleep (even though BB is STILL sleeping!)...I realized I have let this blog sit idle for a bit and so here I am.
Things have been good, the adjustment to becoming a parent of a NB again has been a little tough for me and having a NB for the first time has been a little rough for the hubby so I don't get much free time to blog about anything but where my shows are etc.

It has already been a fun summer with shows...(even though Summer has JUST begun!!) and we played The Arts and Ideas fest in New Haven 6/18 which was a blast!!! And I joined in on some debauchery during the Elastic Hoax CD release by throwing panties onstage (not mine) and "mustaching" the crowd at Black Eyed Sally's.

I have been writing songs lately and snippets are being recorded here and there as I try to let myself feel the pain to write. I live many of my words and sometimes it is hard to get into that place and let myself rip into old wounds when I just wanna relax and be happy...but unfortunately, that's the life of the consummate artist....emotions and dramatics at a high= good shit. So stay tuned for new songs with titles like "Pill", "In your Face", "Take Me", and "Forget you" that will make you wanna open a bottle of wine and reminice about the  )_______ old days.

Hubby and I have enlisted the help of George Engel for production assistance as well as a good old kick in the ass if something stinks. I am REALLY looking forward to this as I am quite of a fan of "Baby Boot Box" and anything George writes...(which BTW Bobby and I did a bunch of playing on his new album coming out someday. Beautiful daughter even lends a harmony.

So next up.... RIVERFEST in Hartford for the Independence Day Celebration. 7/9 GREAT RIVER PARK 4:00 pm in the ampitheater...BE THERE!! Kid friendly event complete with fireworks, food, fun and good music. TONS of local bands playing throughout 4 Parks along the river....culminating in an orgasmic crescendo of fireworks exploding from a boat on the river!

But...if you can't make it or if you love us sooo much you want more  :) We are playing at Blueback Square in West Hartford (near Cheesecake Factory) with The Elastic Hoax 7/14 around 7 pm

Ok...well now I hear Harlow much for my free time. Got to try and finish some music today as well as watch my Grandma and then teach some new the day begins!

Be a great day!