Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today one of my biggest idols died. Phoebe Snow.
I grew up listening to all her albums,( yes albums!), as my mom vacuumed on Saturday mornings. As my voice was growing stronger, I would do vocal work outs to Joni Mitchell for my loft and Phoebe Snow for soul. I LOVE HER VOICE...IT IS LIKE THE MOST DECADENT HOT CHOCOLATE YOU'VE EVER TASTED!!! I actually shed a few tears as soon as I heard. One cool fact is that the drummer who played on my tracks Tough Year, Little Girl, and The Other Side was also a drummer for Phoebe Snow and he went from recording with me one day right into rehearsal with her. 
                    Here is a little taste of phoebe..she will be greatly missed!!!

SO...I want to say Thank you to the Beastie Boys for relasing your new album for streaming was the perfect Yin to the Yang of losing such an amazing musician as Phoebe Snow!~

I have loved the Beastie Boys since License to Ill came out in 1986 and I jumped up and down in my Pjs to Fight for your Right to party!! I got to see them live at Lollapalooza in 1994 (My junior year of HIghschool)...and then again in Salt Lake City Utah for the Hello Nasty tour with Tribe Called Quest...
I friggen love the Beasties!!! Thanks again for making my day and stopping the tears!

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